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Garden Log: April 2nd – April 16th

The sky was particularly lovely while pruning apple trees last week.

The sky was particularly lovely while pruning apple trees last week.

What a successful couple of weeks.  We are excited to be done with pruning and have starting planting head lettuce and apple trees (not together).  We have been enjoying the ease of using the water wheel transplanter for our lettuce starts.  As much as Mary loved her fancy wood dibble, she has willingly retired this tool for a comfortable seat on the transplanter. No more kneeling along the plant bed or meticulously watering each plant start.  It is so fun that even other family members have willingly taken a turn at planting.  Maybe we will be able to charge ride fees before long!

Garden Log March 19th – April 1st:

  • Pruned 700 apple trees (Sansa, Senshu, Chieftan, CrimsonCrisp, Honeycrisp, Sweet Sixteen, Suncrisp, Cameo)
  • Grafted the second batch of our tomatoes for our summer hoophouse
  • Potted up 50 more flower seedlings into hanging baskets
  • Transplanted mint cuttings to pots
  • Potted up herb seedlings into planter boxes
  • Moved all of the mints to the hoophouse
  • Harvested 8 tubs of spinach & lettuce greens
  • Planted 40 flats of lettuces in the field
  • Planted 100 apple trees
  • More weeding in the hoophouses

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Buffalo Ridge Orchard grows vegetables, apples, and pears for local coops and farmer's markets. We have over 25 different types of new and classic apple varieties. In 2011 we installed our first moveable hoop house which allows us to grow greens and root vegetables in the winter and get an early start on tomatoes and extend the season for other vegetable crops.


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