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Piles of Potatoes

A pile of Dark Red Norlands

A pile of Dark Red Norlands

This year has been a fantastic potato growing year with record yields.  It looks like we will have close to three times the quantity of potatoes that we had last year.  The past couple of weeks Vern and Mary have been working hard to harvest close to 2,000 pounds of potatoes every week.  During these weeks we found ourselves cursing the extra work caused by the timely rains this Spring that provided the ultimate growing conditions for our spuds.

Finally we realized that we were complaining about success.  As one of our farmer friends from Pennsylvania stated several years back, “you have to make sure your attitude doesn’t get too farmerish!”  So this week we had to press the reset button on our attitude as we march full force into apple season with only half the potatoes harvested.  What a blessing that we have piles of potatoes!

And apple season is really starting to kick off as well; our fall varieties are finally coming on in full force!  After a bit of a meager showing last week, we’ve already harvested McIntosh, Sweet Sixteen, Jonafree, Honeycrisp, and Gala apples (and it’s only Wednesday morning).  So we’ll have all of those at market this week, plus the last of our Silkens.

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Buffalo Ridge Orchard grows vegetables, apples, and pears for local coops and farmer's markets. We have over 25 different types of new and classic apple varieties. In 2011 we installed our first moveable hoop house which allows us to grow greens and root vegetables in the winter and get an early start on tomatoes and extend the season for other vegetable crops.


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